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20 Years Later...

This home has not been washed in 20 YEARS! Sometimes a homeowner can forget what their home used to look like after so many years. Rich was super happy with the result of the surface cleaner on his patio! A little 5% post treat and this patio will be white for quite some time!


A Late Gate

This project was a long one... Long fence that is. This large wood fence was treated and then post treated to bring back that original cedar color. Really brightened up the fence and our clients smile! 


The Pool Is Finally Open

This pool seems it's been closed for an enternity with the difference between where the pool cover sat to where it was exposed to the elements. This concrete took a heavy duty cleaning and post treatment to bring the life back to it. 


North Side Greenery

When you live in a heavily wooded area the algae growth can get pretty heavy pretty quick. This clients north side was some of the greenest we have seen! Luckily its not match for the SH! A nice 1.5% mix took this away in no time!


A Step Up

Our clients deck has seen better days! This image is a side by side before and after of the first step onto the deck. Wow! It's like a black and white photo. This deck is in our clients very wooded back yard, which means a ton of algae growth. A little TLC and it looks brand new!

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